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Quality of services that used to be provided :

Fast postop recovery

Thanks to the meticulous surgical technique and also thanks to the the complete postop treatment of patients (modern, up to date), the following results were usually achieved:
  • Fast postoperative recovery with shortest duration of remaining in hospital (7–8 days on average post thoracotomy for [bi–] Lobectomy, Pneumonectomy)
  • Fast track recovery of patients postoperatively, i.e. elimination of any length of staying in ICU (intensive care unit), with Important benefits for thoracic surgical patients
  • Mobilisation of the patient on the very same day of the operation (or within the very first 24 hrs postop)
  • Oral feeding of the patient postoperatively in the evening of the very same day that he/she was operated on (Not the case for esophageal procedures)
  • Using a “Limited” thoracotomy incision to achieve the surgical goal (even a “Mini” thoracotomy can often be used); this exposure remains conventionally “Open” with benefits of “minimally invasive” (relatively) at the same time
  • Very good level of “analgesia” or pain control postoperatively thanks to a combination of methods applied
  • Considerable reduction of the admission total costs, since short duration has been achieved indeed without any stay in ICU
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Medical Documentation:

According to the contemporary international high standards of medical documentation and care, elaborate Medical Reports (in addition to the routine "Discharge Note") were issued for each and every patient who had undergone surgery:
  • Discharge Report” with structured details:
    • Full History
    • Preop Findings
    • Surgical procedure undertaken
    • Postop Course
    • Histopathology Report(s)
    • True - Sincere Diagnosis upon Discharge, ICD–10 coded
    • Outcome
    • Post op Instructions (in details) / medication etc.
  • “Operation Note” with structured details:
    • the Indication that surgery was undertaken for
    • full technical intraop details

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