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Clinical Work :

The following SERVICES (a.k.a. “ Clinical Work ”) used to be provided prior to my retirement :

  • Resections for Tumours:
    • Lung Cancer & miscellaneous Lung tumours when there is an indication for curative resection
    • Tumours of the Oesophagus ( Esophagus )
    • Tumours of the Mediastinum
    • Tumours of the Chest Wall
    • Pulmonary metastases (or secondary deposits), when their resection is indicated
  • Surgical Procedures for treating Other conditions:
    • Chest Trauma
    • Spontaneous Pneumothorax ( “ collapsed Lung ” ) for which surgery is indicated (definitive surgical treatment: bullectomy, pleurectomy, pleurodesis)
    • Oesophageal conditions:
      • Achalasia
      • Gastro - Oesophageal Reflux ( GORD, GERD ) / Hiatal Hernia
    • CYSTS (pulmonary / pericardial)
    • PECTUS deformities:
      • Pectus excavatum
      • Pectus carinatum
    • Pericardio - Pleural Drainage
  • Diagnostic Procedures:
    • Exploratory thoracotomy
    • Biopsy (“open” or “VATS” - thoracoscopic) of:
      • Lung
      • Pleura
      • Mediastinal Lymph Nodes
  • “Conservative” Treatment:
    • Chest drainage or “tube thoracostomy(for instance for pneumothorax or pleural effusion)
    • Chest drainage & Chemical Pleurodesis
    • Chest drainage & Fibrinolysis (early-phase Empyema thoracis)
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