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The Right To The Truth

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The Right to The Truth


For families and friends of patients with cancer

In English

Foreword by:
Prof. Peter Goldstraw 

Edited by George A. Rossetti 

World-Wide Distribution

Paperback edition ISBN 978-1977834744

edition ISBN 978–618–83380–0–5

Apple Books / ePub edition ISBN 978-618-83380-1-2

“A surgeon argues passionately for doctors to notify cancer patients of their condition so they can make informed treatment decisions...A valuable plea for honesty between medical professionals and their patients.” — Kirkus Reviews


The Printed edition of the book ( Paperback ) comprises 288 pages ( 5½ × 8½" ) and was released on October 26, 2017. It is available at Amazon.

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  • a. Short Description:
    Provocative book reveals widespread abuse of cancer patients' rights
  • b. Synopsis on blurb:
    Should all patients be informed when they’ve been diagnosed with cancer? If the answer is “yes,” Who should break the bad news to them? And How is such news best delivered? How much of the truth can a patient handle?

    Patients’ inalienable right to know the truth about their condition ought to be guaranteed the world over. Yet this right is routinely violated. In Greece, for example, cancer patients are frequently kept in the dark about their diagnosis. In fact, this right is routinely disregarded all over the globe with appalling consequences.

    In “The Right To The Truth,” the author—a thoracic surgeon—presents Counterexamples inspired by events observed during his 33 years of clinical experience, and he addresses each with well-crafted Arguments in favor of the patients’ Right to know :
    icon of a man with cancer

     for Trust
     for Protection from predators who would exploit vulnerable patients
     for understanding that Sacrifices are sometimes required to achieve cure
     for acquiring well-founded Hope
     for Overcoming fear of the unknown

    The book :

     offers advice to family members of cancer patients, as it is usually they who shoulder the burden of deciding whether or not to have their loved one informed.

     offers thought–provoking ideas for those who care for cancer patients. Physicians, nurses, psychologists, clergy, and friends are all urged to be truthful with patients; lying leads only to suffering.

     repudiates hypocritical arguments that claim withholding the truth from patients “spares them avoidable distress,” when the exact opposite is true. The hypocrisy behind brazen deceit inevitably becomes a source of harm to the patient. Myriad unethical, even illegal, wrongdoings are exposed that they should be banned from clinical practice once and for all.—
  • c. Topics discussed / Chapters :
    •  1. In the Limelight of Imperial Capitals and Out of It…
    •  2. When Bad News Breaks
    •  3. Family Members Who Resort to Deception
    •  4. Potentially Evil Intent or “Malice”
    •  5. The Truth, Ultimately, Is Always Revealed
    •  6. “Depression” is one thing. “Sorrow” is another.
    •  7. Informed Consent
    •  8. Compliance and Follow–Up
    •  9. Half–truths, Evasion & Jargon
    • 10. WHO should disclose the Diagnosis
    • 11. HOW to break bad news: 1st session
    • 12. HOW: 2nd & 3rd Sessions
    • 13. HOW: 4th (last) session
    • 14. Medical Documentation, Staging, Treatments
    • 15. Preparing Families When The End Draws Near: Caution !
    • 16. How much of the truth
    • 17. Opiates – Painkillers and other medication
    • 18. Life expectancy
    • 19. For Physicians και and other caregivers

    Almost every chapter of the book is divided into two sessions:

     clinical counterexample
     continuation of the chapter (arguments etc.)


Press Release, dated October 10, 2017, announcing the new book's release, as:

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