Anterior Mediastinotomy (Chamberlain's, right–sided)
1: Drawing of the parasternal incision of a right Anterior Mediastinotomy.

Images 2-3: Intraoperative photographs of a right anterior mediastinotomy (through the 2nd intercostal space without resecting the costal cartilage) in a 39–yo female smoker's case ;  surgical exploration of the right part of her anterior mediastinum was indicated.

COLOURS used :

Yellow arrows: mediastinal pleura, incised open

Blue : position of sternum in the middle

Orange arrows : the apex of the right lung, retracted backwards

Green arrows : the right nipple

Purple / Pink : intercostal chest draining tube

1. Drawing of a right parasternal incision of Mediastinotomy in black (can also be left–sided)


2. The apex of the lung (orange) is retracted backwards: the Mediastinum (yellow) gets exposed (it comes into view)


3. The mediastinal pleura (yellow) is incised for exploring a mediastinal lesion


4. The incision of a right anterior mediastinotomy (black arrows) prior to closure