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The very concept of "time Off" is now becoming a ...Non-existing Luxury. In the past this concept used to be just "Rare." I am always striving, however, to carry on with being interested in the following hobbies and activities :
  • Cycling and just adequate 'muscle training' in order to keep reasonably 'fit.'
  • Reading / Studying:
    • Thoracic Surgical Oncology
    • History, with a special interest in Modern one
    • Archaeology, deciphering of the Linear b script, Mystery
    • Computer Science (HTML / CSS in Web Development and also staying updated on Modern, Developing Technologies / Gadgets)
    • Astrophysics & Amateur (back yard) Astronomy
    • The Acquisition of Desirable Books mainly, but also of Gadgets, can occur through on-line bookstores, according to the following Wish List:
    • Really Old / Historical medical books (XVIII & XIX centuries' ones usually, written in French or English or Greek), that I collect
  • Cinema
  • Travelling
  • Diving - Marine Biology
  • I do not drink alcohol (except for minimal quantities of brandy or red wine in Extraordinary circumstances, e.g. Christmas, New Year's Day, Anniversaries); alcohol is, therefore, not to be considered as desirable.

Thank you for SHARING this webpage via:

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